Skiing Gear: An Overview by Greg Angle

Skiing is a fun, rigorous, and challenging pastime. You can go downhill skiing or cross-country skiing, both of which provide unique challenges. However, before you head out, you want to make sure you have the right gear. Here is a list of some of the essentials:

• Thermal underwear: Depending on the temperature, you will want several layers. Thermal underwear is the first layer; it keeps you dry as it transfers moisture to the next layer.
• Fleece jacket or sweater: Fleece is preferred as it will keep you warm throughout the day.
• Ski or snow pants: Both warm and waterproof, these pants are a necessity.
• Ski boots: Many times you can rent boots at a ski resort. They need to fit with the skis that you use.
• Skis: Of course, the most crucial component is the skis themselves. Talk to a customer service representative for suggestions as you rent or buy a pair of skis.
• Ski gloves: Protect your hands from ice, snow, and the impact if you should take a spill.

Many more items may also be important for you to pick up, including goggles, ski poles, and helmets, but these are the basics. Good luck!

About the author: Greg Angle currently functions as the CEO for Los Robles Regional Medical Center in California. Despite the sunny temperatures in California, Greg Angle enjoys snow skiing whenever possible.