Patient Safety a Top Priority for Hospital Executives

The Former CEO of Los Robles Regional Medical Center in California, Greg Angle has been working in the health care industry for 29 years. Currently serving as the president of the Mountain Division of HCA in Utah, Greg Angle is experienced in handling all daily operations of large hospitals and in improving patient satisfaction and safety.

Keeping patients safe is a top priority for hospital executives. Research shows that the complexity of health care work significantly affects hospital safety, but by combining employee engagement and rigorous safety techniques, hospital executives can create a safe environment for patients.

There are several things hospital leaders can do to improve patient safety, from maintaining accurate patient identification to providing reliable systems. Demonstrating to employees that hospital leadership holds patient safety at a high priority promotes better safety practices, as does encouraging employees to share suggestions regarding how patient safety can be improved. Another important aspect of patient safety is keeping the hospital fully staffed to handle the workload at all times, while limiting the use of temporary staff. Auditing the transfer of knowledge about patients between shifts ensures that no crucial information is lost or ignored, and building a cooperative culture ensures that employees help one another when one individual gets too busy.